BearTracks as a Cloud-based Service

January 21, 2015

The BearTracks enterprise software suite for managing mail, supplies, assets and office services tasks, is available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in addition to its traditional internal hosting option. The SaaS subscription option provides customers a variety of benefits, most notably reduced cost over deploying and managing BearTracks in their own IT environments. The BearTracks SaaS subscription service offers several advantages over internal deployment and traditional licensing. 1. Scalable: The BearTracks SaaS service is scalable to fit the needs of customers with single sites and those with many. As an organization grows, it’s easy to configure additional sites — in other cities, states or countries. The BearTracks enterprise architecture is implemented to scale up to handle large numbers of concurrent users and millions of packages per year. 2. Up-to-date software: The BearTracks SaaS environment always runs the latest version of BearTracks. This provides you access to enhancements and performance improvements as soon as they are available. 3. Short implementation time: BearTracks can be quickly configured for the needs of your company. We train your staff to use BearTracks using your specific configuration. Training plans usually begin with onsite training for primary sites, along with “train-the-trainer” sessions enabling them to train staff at other locations. 4. Predictable cost: A single monthly fee includes use of the software, product support and hosting. Capital costs are significantly reduced or eliminated. The SaaS environment also minimizes the use and cost of internal IT services. 5. Guaranteed uptime: The BearTracks SaaS is hosted in a state-of-the-art Tier 4 data center to ensure that BearTracks is available whenever you need it. Details are described in our Service Level Agreement contract.

Enterprise IT Capabilities

  • Integration with Enterprise Information Systems: BearTracks integrates with enterprise IT systems so that employee data, charge codes and other data can be automatically and securely uploaded into BearTracks.
  • Single Sign-On: With more enterprise applications being hosted in the cloud, single sign-on is an essential part of the solution. The BearTracks SaaS service supports single sign-on through Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0). SAML integration allows BearTracks user logins to be authenticated by your organization’s SAML Identity Provider. Authentication handshaking is protected two ways: by SSL and by public key encryption of the handshake data as specified in the SAML 2.0 specification.

Secure Access

Internet traffic between the customer’s browsers and mobile devices are protected by SSL/TLS encryption (https://). BearTracks servers also use an “Extended Validation SSL certificate” that indicates that Bear River and its servers have passed the highest level of vetting by the SSL certificate issue.

Secure Data Center

The BearTracks SaaS service is hosted on a Tier 4 data center, the highest possible rating according to the ANSI/TIA-942 standard, Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard For Data Centers. The data center provides strong physical and network security, access control and intrusion detection in a high-availability 24 x 7 operation. The data center is responsible for installing and patching of all infrastructure components.

BearTracks Available on Dedicated Servers

Some organizations, particularly those in financial services, healthcare, regulated industries and government, may not be able to use the BearTracks SaaS service. Even if SaaS is not a good fit for your organization, Bear River can still host your software on dedicated servers in our data center and provide the same maintenance and support we do for the SaaS service. Bear River currently manages dedicated hosted servers for several global financial services companies.

BearTracks Available as an Installable Software Product

BearTracks continues to be available as a software product with a traditional software license installable in your own internal IT environment.