Whatever you need to move. Wherever it needs to go. All you want to know.

BearTracks delivers it all—faster, easier and more economically than ever.
That’s because BearTracks is far more than a tracking tool. It’s the intelligent internal logistics and workflow solution that provides:

  • Unmatched visibility into mail services operations, capturing every step along the path for every package and piece of mail
  • Enterprise-wide analytics that measure performance against Service Level Agreements and other key metrics
  • Intuitive technology and interfaces that increase efficiency and reduce overall service costs

BearTracks is widely used by corporate business services such as mail, shipping & receiving, print services, and more. It’s highly configurable, combining Web-delivered applications, enterprise-capable databases and secure wireless mobile access to provide insight and intelligence to every level of every organization…from Fortune 500 companies to a single mail center and everyone in between.

With BearTracks you’ll know where everything is. More importantly, you’ll know what it all means.

BearTracks is a Web-based product that’s configurable to meet your unique requirements. Our main modules include:

Receiving and Distribution Module

Receive, inspect and deliver inbound packages and accountable mail to the right place, all the time. Statistical, operational and research reports provide both micro and macro-level views to drive process improvement.

Interoffice Module

Track accountable mail from desk to desk, even when they’re in different buildings, cities or countries. Track the “first mile” of outbound shipments from sender to shipping department—ensuring shipment status is always visible to employees and mail services.

Employee Module

Give employees visibility into the status of their inbound and outbound shipments. They can also request pickups, notify mail services of special instructions and alerts,
and more.

Performance Management Module

Performance Management Module assesses operations against Service Level Agreements for each process, at every site, on a global basis. Monitors Key Performance Indicators to help identify best practices and achieve operational excellence.

The BearTracks Difference


Maintain complete chain of custody for all items including confidential data, critical documents and
other high-value items.


Use Web-based access to gain a complete picture of the current state
and location of all internal shipments and deliveries.


Leverage targeted reporting and displays to improve internal logistics operations.


Create workflows for regulated processes, and prove to auditors workflows were strictly followed.


Speed time-critical activities via well designed functions and user interfaces.

Cost Reduction

Reduce direct and indirect costs with technology that improves efficiency and operational effectiveness

Improved Performance

Monitor and measure key performance indicators to improve operations and demonstrate compliance with service level agreements.

BearTracks Mail Services Datasheets

Want more information about BearTracks Mail Services? Get the data sheets here.