Desk-to-desk visibility for the sender and recipient every step of the way.

Across the office or around the world, the Interoffice Module provides complete desk-to-desk accountability for internal shipments and the first mile of outbound shipments.

Employees enter their requests via a web browser. Distribution staff can coordinate and consolidate deliveries and pickups based on priority and destination—calibrating schedules to reduce costs and meet specific time and project objectives.

Visibility is ensured via the industry’s most sophisticated pouching function—allowing you to track and locate an individual piece inside a pouch. Pouches can be nested inside other pouches to as many levels as you need, allowing greater flexibility in operations.

Interoffice Workflow

Interoffice Workflow

This is a simplified workflow illustrating some of the many features available in the Interoffice Module. The module can be scaled and configured to accommodate much larger, more complex procedures.

1. Pickup Request

Employee enters information about accountable interoffice shipment into BearTracks Employee Module.

2. Pick Up

Courier scans the interoffice traveler (internal waybill).

3. Mail Center

Interoffice package is brought to the mail center where it’s scanned.

4. Into Pouch

In BearTracks, staff scans each item going into an outbound pouch. The pouch is taken to its destination by an overnight carrier or company vehicle.

5. Arrived

A receiving clerk scans the inbound pouch. Items are scanned out of the pouch and sorted for delivery.

6. Out for Delivery

Maintain the chain of custody by capturing a timestamp when packages are being taken out for delivery.

7. Delivery

Shipment is delivered to the recipient.

BearTracks Mail Services Datasheets

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