A complete chain of custody for the entire enterprise.

Whether you have one location or one hundred, a dozen shipments or tens of thousands, the Receiving & Distribution module handles it all.

BearTracks provides total chain of custody and full visibility—helping you mitigate risk and avoid the cost and penalties from delayed deliveries and lost items.

Proactive employee support via package alerts and automated e-mails keeps recipients fully apprised of their package status, thus increasing satisfaction and efficiency.

And because BearTracks can be configured on a site-by-site basis, you can support all your company’s sites from your largest campus to your smallest office. All from your desk, with real-time consoles that give you a complete, yet detailed look at your entire organization.

Using a variety of statistical, operational and research reports, you can identify trends, spot problems, and quickly implement corrective actions.

At every step, online tracking and email notifications keep everyone informed of the exact location, status and path of all items.

BearTracks is a Web-based solution that can be hosted on your own servers or externally.

Receiving and Distribution Workflow

Receiving and Distribution Workflow

This is a simplified workflow illustrating some of the many features available in the Receiving and Distribution Module. The module can be scaled and configured to accommodate much larger, more complex procedures.

1. QuickCount

Verify carrier package count before accepting packages from carriers.

2. Screened

Safeguard your employees and facilities by tracking security inspections.

3. Received

Capture data from inbound shipments, deal with special instructions and route correctly.

4. Out for Delivery

Maintain the chain of custody by capturing a timestamp when packages are being taken out for delivery.

5. Delivered

The package is delivered directly to the recipient.

6. Other Recipient

The package is delivered to an alternate recipient.

7. Not In

The package is marked as an attempted delivery and returned to the mail center.

Small Office Module

This module enables large organizations to support smaller sites that don’t have dedicated mail services staff—connecting smaller sites to the enterprise so there are no gaps.

BearTracks Mail Services Datasheets

Want more information about BearTracks Mail Services? Get the data sheets here.