Take control. Gain complete visibility of your supplies and assets globally. Analyze inventory and processes—at every site.

Whether it’s toner cartridges, laptop computers, lab supplies, mobile phones, surgical supplies or equipment for presentations, you can’t afford to run out important supplies and assets. BearTracks Supply & Asset Services helps make sure you never will—giving you a comprehensive, configurable way to manage supply ordering and inventory globally.

The Supplies Module eliminates inefficient overstocking, saves space and reduces waste and loss.

Employees can make a single request for supplies or set up a recurring request to meet their business needs. They can track the status of requests and deliveries, and are automatically notified of any exceptions. The visibility of the supplies process is configurable based on your needs.

The ability to capture, assign and fulfill supply requests based on your specific workflows increases productivity and reduces costs.

Supplies Module

Supplies Module provides a comprehensive, configurable way to manage supply ordering and inventory globally for the staff responible for this service.

Employee Module

Employees can make requests for supplies and check on the status of their requests.

Performance Management Module

Performance Management Module assesses operations against service level agreements for supply processes, at every site, on a global basis. Monitors key performance indicators to help identify best practices and achieve operational excellence.

BearTracks Supply & Asset Services

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