One view. Total visibility.

The mail center has entered a new age. One where best-of-breed hardware, software and equipment work in perfect concert. Complete tracking and visibility is delivered through a single, easy-to-manage software platform. And key performance metrics are available through reporting and performance management functions.

MailCenter21 is the first solution to integrate the finest offerings from the word’s leading vendors to create a seamless, synchronous mail center processes.

Now Tracking, Inspecting, Sorting, Digitizing and Storing aren’t separate functions, but coordinated actions—thanks to an advanced architecture and design that unites hardware, equipment and software…

  • Security and inspection equipment
  • Mail scanning stations
  • Digital mail software
  • Parcel sorters
  • Secure lockers
  • Reporting and performance management

Now you can manage, measure and report upon every aspect of your mail operations with unmatched ease and accuracy. Quality of service, compliance and security go up. Costs go down. And all actions and assets are immediately known and accounted for.

That’s because MailCenter21 aggregates data from all hardware and software, for all inbound, outbound and interoffice workflows, for all sites and categories of items.

Data is then analyzed and presented in relevant, contextual reports that provide you with statistical and operational information, and allow you to measure compliance with KPIs and SLAs, and identify areas of improvement.

MailCenter21 is live and has been production since 2012. It is available for your organization now.

Single Source for Mail Services Hardware and Software

Bear River is available as a single source for enterprise-wide desktop shipping software, digital mail software, mail sorters, parcel sorters and vision systems, scanning stations, intelligent lockers and more – all integrated together seamlessly. We may be able to integrate your existing equipment with MailCenter21. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

MailCenter21 Overview

Want more information about the MailCenter21? Get the MailCenter21 Overview here.