Lift the hood
on MailCenter21.

You’ll find automated processes and intelligently deployed technology for everything and anything that goes through your mail center.

MailCenter21 integrates best-of-breed products from many different vendors into one unified solution to help you raise service levels and reduce cost. Our architecture allows the different hardware and software components to “play nice” together, so that mail and parcel sorters, digital mail software, accountable tracking solutions, and intelligent lockers meld together into a focused, secure solution. The result is not only integrated workflows but also integrated metrics that provide the basis for improvement at any point in your processes.

Look even deeper, and you’ll see MailCenter21’s IT-friendly platform that supports virtualization, reliability, localization, security, and internal or external hosting.

Inbound Workflow


This fully-implemented MailCenter21 system diagram shows inbound flows
of mail and parcels.

All items are first inspected for threats, from a simple visual check to full CBRNE screening. Automated sorters handle parcels and large volumes of mail, and separate mail that will be digitized. We scan either the envelope or the envelope plus contents and provide digital mail delivery options, including receive contents electronically, receive physical documents, shred and recycle, or retain per business rules.

Internal logistics software maintains a comprehensive database of the entire mail stream, both digital and physical, including parcels. Delivery of parcels to intelligent lockers simplifies and secures the process while reducing labor. You know exactly how many and which pieces you have received and maintain complete chain of custody throughout. Process metrics are collected automatically, without any special effort.

Because our solutions are modular, you can start with just one service and expand when the time is right.

Outbound Workflow


This fully-implemented MailCenter21 outbound mail system diagram
shows both mail and parcels.

A mail sorter handles outbound mail and is integrated with internal logistics software for accountability and metrics. A multi-carrier shipping engine manifests parcels, and intelligent lockers store them until pick-up. Each piece is captured into an internal logistics database and tracked, maintaining an item history and feeding metrics to the performance management software.

As with the inbound process, you can start with just one of these components and implement additional components over time. In the future, MailCenter21 will expand to offer support for production mailing and shipping.

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