Scan and route mail
to individuals and groups
with every delivery option.

Scan and route mail to individuals and groups with every delivery option.

Familiar mail room methods are slower, less secure, more costly, and difficult to access any time or anywhere. But if some or all of your mail streams can be converted to digital mail, you can count on faster deliveries, improved service, and lower costs.

It used to be that only specific categories of inbound mail would be scanned for processing—like claim forms or invoices. Now, just about any mail can be captured and distributed electronically, vastly reducing the number of physical deliveries.

Going digital doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. You can digitize certain categories of mail. Or digitize mail just for specific groups or departments.

Recipients can view images of envelopes and decide whether they should be delivered, shredded, or recycled without their ever having been opened or delivered. Or they can choose to have mail opened, extracted, and scanned at the digital mail center, then delivered electronically as well as physically.

Any combination of these scenarios provides flexibility between security and efficiency. Digitizing is especially useful for virtual offices or groups with special access, security, or compliance needs.

Going digital with MailCenter21 integrates these capabilities with BearTracks’ tracking and performance management systems. That allows you to monitor the entire process—or what’s happening with an individual item or process. Reports, accountability, improvements, and cost reduction are built in.

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