Fast, configurable sorting for
every type of mail, even poly-wrapped
bags and newspapers.

Fast, configurable sorting for everything that lands on your dock: letters, overnight envelopes, magazines, flats, newspapers, mystery mail, certified letters, return mail and more.

MailCenter21 sorts and processes all kinds of mail quickly but reliably. Returned mail, phone bills for long-gone employees, and generically addressed pieces don’t need any more special attention; they’re all part of MailCenter21’s automation.

Configurable mail sorters enable organizations to process all of their mail efficiently while maintaining a chain-of-custody throughout. Mail received for individuals and departments who are using the digital mail service are sorted separately from other types of mail. The mail sorter captures metrics for all kinds of mail pieces providing accurate numbers rather than guestimates.

Best of all, this kind of advanced sorting integrates with BearTracks’ tracking and performance management. That allows you to monitor not just individual items and processes, but your operation as a whole. Reports, accountability, improvements, and cost reduction are built in.

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