A complete chain of custody
that answers the question:
"What happened to my package?!"

A complete chain of custody that answers the question:
“What happened to my package?!”

When the phone rings in the mail center, somebody’s job might be on the line. Immediate knowledge of an item’s whereabouts is essential.

BearTracks manages the complete chain of custody for every item: as it’s inspected, sorted, routed, delivered to a secondary courier, and delivered directly to the customer or to an intelligent locker. BearTracks accounts for every step of the workflow, so you know when each event happened, who handled it, and what happened next. Best of all, the data collected along the way lets you measure performance and workload objectively. That goes a long way towards helping you achieve your goals in this era of outsourcing.

BearTracks offers true performance management capabilities — not just simple date arithmetic — so you can keep an eye on what’s happening for entire workflows or specific phases of workflows. That’s possible because BearTracks integrates all the other mail equipment and software. While other mail centers are deploying more technology than ever to improve performance and reduce costs, their new systems are mostly stand-alone and isolated.

For over twenty years, Fortune 500 companies have used BearTracks for managing their internal logistics. Regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare depend on BearTracks to prove they’re doing their job according to documented processes. Large government agencies, high-tech companies and others use BearTracks on six continents to keep track of all the stuff that moves within their global four walls.

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